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Universal-Weather-BrakeFEMCO, INC. is a leader in the manufacturing and design of weatherbrakes and John Deere Gator enclosures.

We specialize in designing weatherbrakes for many tractor types. Our design engineers can produce a top-quality finished product for almost any piece of equipment.




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Fit to your specifications

If you would like a Universal Weather Brake for your vehicle, please refer to the Universal Weather Brake chart image.  Simply click on the image to enlarge it and follow the instructions for providing our team with the proper measurements of your vehicle.







2142 Weatherbrake for select
New Holland Boomer tractors


Softsided enclosure for old style 6 X 4 and 4 X 2 Gator only (not HPX, TH, TS, TX)


2146 Weatherbrake for JD 2210


3759 002 gator enclNew TH, TS, TX Enclosure for Gator # 3759

blue atv

2145 Weatherbrake. Specifically
designed for the New Holland TN
blue weatherbrake for display
only, actual product is black.

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CUSTOM FIT: Tailored to the make and model of tractors listed for a tight fit.

WINDSHIELD: Rigid, clear vinyl with a heavy steel frame - no loose gaps to let in cold or wind. Windshield is plate-polished, wrinkle and distortion free for maximum visibility, less eyestrain with flexible plastic side windows.

REINFORCED VINYL LAMINATE: Vinyl is resistant to ripping or rotting. Sewn with nylon thread using double lock seams in stress areas reinforced brass grommets.

FRAME: Heavy gauge steel frame with a powder coat finish.

INSTALLATION: Fewer pieces and precision tooled metal parts that slip easily into place. No special tools needed.

OPTIONS: Sturdy top and back curtain for some models.

TWO STYLES: Models for rear entry tractors as well as side entry tractors.